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Right to family life

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Married Couple being separated

Clayton D. Murwin, a USA citizen his wife Collette Caroline Murwin is a
British citizen. They were married at Wallasey Town Hall Wallasey Merseyside June 17th 2000 He was granted Leave to remain in UK in 2000 theylived in the UK until 2003 when his mother became ill, they went to the USA.

His wife Collette got her permanent resident status for the USA in 2003, They both lived in the USA together for 13 years. During her time in the USA Mr. Murwin's wife was miserable and wanted to return home to the UK because she missed her children, family and friends. They had discussed this several times. When the Grand children started being born and the children started marrying she missed home even more. He was a Prison Officer in the USA with a max security prision in NC. before returning to the UK this time.

The second eldest son Daniel Timbrell who is a submariner in HMS Navy. Was due to marry in June, they were to fly over for the wedding, Mrs Murwin flew ahead of her husband and arrived in March 2016, that's when she decided that she wanted to remain in the UK after arriving she informed her husband of this at which point he sold what little they owned and left the USA and came to the UK in 2016 to join his wife leaving nothing there for them to return too. After arriving in the UK and On advice of the IAS immigration solicitor in Liverpool England Mr. Murwin stayed out his USA passport visa for 6 months and applied for Leave to Remain in UK in September 2016 the UKVI Home Office received the documents on October 6th 2016. They truly did not think there would be a real issue. Since Mr. Murwin had held an Indefinite Leave to Remain before In the UK.

They been awaiting a decision since then, because of the long wait his wife contacted her local MP Honourable Mrs. Angela Eagle to see what was taking so long. His wife a British National has been on no form of Benefit since arriving back to the UK they live in a one bedroom shared accommodation. Mr. Murwin has been unable to work since he has been in the UK and has a offer of employment if granted the right to work, and his ILR. She has supported the. both on her single minimum wage job. They just want to live their lives together as a family with his step-children and grand children here in the UK and become a British citizen, thats all they want. His wife can not return to the USA with him as her permanent residence card is no longer valid because she has been out of the country longer than year. He has no residence, job or money left in the USA, and she would not be allowed to enter because of this. And in all honesty she wants to remain in England with the children and grandchildren and her husband of 18 years this year.

Immigration contacted the solicitor and informed Mrs. Murwin that the application had been denied and also certified leaving them with no chance to appeal while Mr. Murwin remains in the UK, and that he will have to leave, they gave no sound reason other than that they were not satisfied that it was a Right to Family Life issue.,which is what they were advised by the solicitor to apply for, since she did not meet the financial criteria of £18,600 a year. They were also informed that if they had £62,500 in Mrs. Murwin's savings account for 6 months and filed the regular application that he would have no issue getting his status and application approved. I'm not sure how many people have that kind of money in a savings account.

God forbid that two people from different countries fell in love and want to remain together. Let's help keep this family together.

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