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Right to appeal or judicial review against HO visa refusal

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My father visitor’s visa application is refused yesterday without the right to appeal or request for judicial review.

It’s not about just refusal but the whole visa processing system is wrong. You can’t challenge their decision, even though there is no proper justification of their action. My father is PhD doctor and worked as Chief Senior Scientific Officer in Govt. He has previously travelled and in 1992 he was here for over a year for PDF programme in St Andrew University, if he did not stay here in UK when he was young and ambitious why would he live here when he even struggle to walk now. He has been travelling a lot after the retirement but never ever over stayed or jeopardise the visa requirements. My father previously had couple of 6 months visas and last time he was granted 5 years visitor’s visa. Recently when we applied for 10 years UK visa the visa officer refused the visa on grounds that my mother who has 10 years visitor’s visa might travel with him and stay in UK. My father has annual pension of almost 1 million rupees and to access his pension he has to be physically present in Islamabad to sign and receive money.  Both mother and father previously had 5 years visa together anyway and they both have properties and land in back home and other children’s and their kids another strong reasons to tie them back as well. The only reason my parents travel to UK is two sons and their families including grandchildren. None of us has ever claimed any single penny in benefits in fact we pay more in taxes than average annual UK household income. Also as mentioned before never ever jeopardised the visa all we ask is that Home Office should allow appeals or judicial review.

It seems like HO is just using the visa process as money making machine and ensured that whole process can’t be challenged. You can still put new application again and again but there are no guaranties that even if you satisfy the last refusal reasoning you will still end up with visa. We want to have appeal and judicial review right back for the applicants.

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