Richard Osborn-Brooks NOT GUILTY

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A 78 year old pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks has been arrested and now bailed, charged with Murder after allegedly stabbing an intruder to death during a suspected burglary at his home. Two men entered the property in Further Green Road in Hither Green, south-east London, early on Wednesday morning hell bent on robbery and armed with screwdrivers, Richard defended his home, his 'safe place' was attacked and regardless that one of the attackers has been killed this man should not be facing charges for defending himself and his home.  We call upon the Home Office to intervene and drop these charges, we also call for a complete review of home defence measures and stronger sentencing for these vermin that violate our homes.

This pensioner must have been terrified and knowing one man was upstairs whilst he was held downstairs at the point of a screwdriver gave him little option but to fight back!!!


We demand this man is not charged for defending himself and his home



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