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Bring home my childrens father

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My husband(Dlear) and father of my two young boys has been deported for not any reasons at all.He has been treated poorly by the goverment and badly by the home office l.

My partner of 12 years and i have been battling against the home office for over 11years for him to remain the U.K.He has been here for 15years+

I met Dlear way back in 2002/2003 and we fell in love instantly we then found out out we was expecting and had our 1st beautiful precious boy in 2006 and our 2nd precious beautiful boy in 2008.

Myself and our two boys are british born U.K citizens and Dlear has been in the U.K since the age of 15 from fleeing a warzone and still today is stated as a war zone IRAQ.

The home office have ripped our loving family apart snatched my boys father their hero who they admire and love dearly away from them.

Why are two young children being treated most of all punished this way.they ask daily why has our dad been taken from us? When can we see dad again?i have no answer it breaks my heart everyday to see them hurting so much its devestating.

Every child needs and deserves to have there father in there lives both parents no matter what.

Dlear is my best friend my soul mate and forever my husband he is a loving caring a fantastic father to our boys.Our children miss him terribly its gut wrenching to see them so hurt.

Home office have stated Dlear had no rights to remain to which is a lie completley faulse and totally goes against our human rights as Dlear has two young children and a wife all british born U.K cititzens.

Home office have also pledged for myself and our children to move to IRAQ to be with my husband,the home office,goverment and us the public are aware it is a warzone and an extremley dangerous country for our boys and I to move to,our safety will NOT be gaurenteed.

Please i implore to you all who read this Dlear is a good man great father and my loving husband he deserves to see his children grow as any other parent and to be reunited with his children and wife.

Please again have it in your hearts to sign our petition to bring my childrens father back to them and make our lives complete and there hearts whole again.

We are broken but our love is NOT and with your help we will be able to be as one.

From the bottom of my heart i all who sign 

Thank you


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