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home office: Repeal the Handgun Ban and Revive British Pistol Shooting (All Calibres)

Since Dunblane 15 Years ago all shooters who wish to own and shoot a pistol have been tarred with the same brush, we all have to face government ideas that the ban was to stop Dunblane happening again except it only happened once since pistols were legal and now a sportsman with no Criminal or mental health history can't own a handgun because of one man who's mental state doesn't reflect that of today's shooters.

We are amongst the most law abiding citizens in the country we register every serial number to our name, every gun trade to the police, every ammunition purchase and we always lock up our guns in secure cabinets.

Finally for a added safety feature after the repeal introduce a wait on obtaining a handgun, a person does the required probationary period at a club then applies for a rifle, after another 3 months then a member of the club can put forward an application to the police for a handgun(s) to be put on their license but must be fully backed by a committee member of the club. This would mean a person can't apply straight for a handgun (reducing criminals attempts to obtain legal guns) and also other members can judge a persons suitability to posses such a firearm therefore reducing the chance of another Dunblane killer getting through the cracks and keeping his guns without been a member of a club.

Please support the petition and don't hate guns, we just enjoy a different sport to others and as long as we follow the law we should not be penalised because of one event

Thank You

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