Put A Stop To Inhumane Delays With Leave To Remain Applications

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The public is yet to grasp the callous immigration policies that plaque the lives of migrants in the UK- the Windrush scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Thousands of migrants are stuck in an administrative limbo, waiting years for the Home Office to come to a decision on their application. During these wait times, most migrants are stripped of their rights to the most basic human needs, like the right to healthcare, the right to work and the right to rent. It strips people of not only their livelihood but their mental health and their dignity. Migrants pay up to and over £2000 per settlement application, only to face inhuman and undue delays with their application. 

Applicants for Indefinite leave to remain are sent standard letters stating that their application raises issues relating to Human Rights, which means there is no standard processing time. Why are migrants paying extortionate prices for settlement only to be left in a constant state of anxiety and depression with no assurance of when their application is to be decided? 

It goes against every fabric of humanity for the Home Office to strip people of their basic human rights while keeping their applications for extended periods of time- This amounts to a breach of their Human Rights as ruled in the recent Court of Appeal case, Secretary of State for the Home Department v Said [2018] EWCA Civ 627, where the Court of Appeal ruled that  delays with immigration decisions went beyond maladministration and were a breach of Human Rights which could lead to substantial compensation. The BBC also ran a series of articles entitled ‘Home Office visa delays ‘inhumane’, examining the financial and emotional pressure many individuals found themselves under, resulting from their personal circumstances and delays in making decisions. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-41096675

 Why are migrants, who have legally resided in the U.K. for over 10 years, being stripped of their right to work while their application is being processed? 

How does the Home Office expect people to survive with no means of income and no access to healthcare or accommodation?

Why has the Home Office still not grasp the  scale of mental distress it is inflicting on migrants by taking a year and over to decide an application?

This is all part of the Hostile Environment Policy that was introduced by the then Home Secretary, Theresa May. It is a policy that is passive aggressive and used as a method of psychological oppression, a form of torture - systematically used to pressure people to self deport without any physical interference. It is designed to make the lives of migrants as miserable as possible, the effects of which is seen through mental suffering ,  loss of time, financial loss and loss of livelihood. 

 It is unfair, Inhumane and very callous for a Government department to inflict such pain on people who have stayed legally in the country for over a decade. The Hostile Environment is designed with a semblance to tackle illegal immigrants but the reality of the matter is that, legal migrants also get caught up in the net. The system is designed to catch legal immigrants, turn them into illegal immigrants and strip them of their basic rights while taking extended periods of time to decide their application for leave to remain. 

I thereby humbly ask every single person that has any ounce of humanity in them, to sign this petition on behalf of every single legal migrant that is caught up in the hostile environment, and facing inhumane delays with their leave to remain applications. Show them that they are not suffering in silence and that the Home Office is incompetent and unfit for purpose because of they way it treats migrants with no regard for their Human Rights and Mental Health

The Home Office needs to ensure that all applications for leave to remain are decided in a timely manner, and to ensure that applicants whose applications cannot be decided within the standard customer service time to be allowed to work and access health care. It is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT

You cannot strip someone of their Human Rights and dignity while taking years to decide their application because MIGRANTS ARE PEOPLE, NOT STATISTICS. 

 Kindly sign and help us put an end to this inhuman delay of settlement applications