Please Home Office Don't deport me and my 2 british kids . Discrimination, unfair, human

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If this is allowed to happen there will be tragedy such as death and persecution. which will affect my family and my community, we are a peacefull family. My 2 daughters would have a more difficult life they would rather the hardship than seperation

Please home Office Don't deport me and my family, I am a single father looking after my kids. I was born in Jamaica. I moved to settle with mom in uk in 1992, with INDEFINATE LEAVE TO REMAIN. I have worked and pay tax for nearly 26 years . contributing to society. 

I had a rocky start in the transition of a new life at a young age of 16, as I didn't have a father around, and ended up serving a 18 months sentence in my early life. that really changed me. after that experience, I was determine that I would do better and I did my first daughter was born, then the second and then third. I value my family and family life is very important for me a boy that hardly had any.

Two issues you stated that I have to prove my status, Why is it? and how have you no records of me. was my records amongst those destroy by home office in 2010, as your response to me was I claimed to have indefinite leave to remain which you cannot seem to confirm. question I could request this information for my solicitors, and myself, under the freedom of information act. which I will.

And in controversy you also stated that you are deporting me under paragraph 396 of the immigration rules (amended) in 2008. how can that be when by then I had already served my time and been released years before this new law and amendment. Started a Family, settled down working paying national insurance tax.

I even got called up for jury service. which I declared my past to the court at aylesbury crown court. And I was still used as a jury. so how is it I'm good to judge but suddenly not good enough to live here.

If this be the case that you are illegaly stripping me of my indefinite, I would ask for the court case that I influence be retried.  I would also be asking back for all taxes paid and national insurance as I am not benefiting from any public service. at the moment I have health problems infections that's not been treated as home office has stopped me working for over a year, and no access to anything its been hard for me and my 2 young daughters. we currently stay in 1 room all 3 of us at a family members home.

I applied for bio-metric card not Indefinate leave to remain as I said I already had indefinite.

All this started because the immigration wanted to do a clean out disregarding individual Human Rights, from David Camerons term, and so it seems if you have a past then you have no human rights. home office made it espically hard for Jamaican residents of the UK to gain Employment, In 2016 for the first time in 25 years a employment right to work check said they had no record of me, that is when alarms started ringing in my head. now all this Home Office Scandal Makes sense.

I will fight with my last breath against deportation to a country I have no family friends at and I cant mix in with there society. in a murderous country where british home office trying to send me and my kids to be executed. this is totally illegal controversial to your laws. all my family live in uk, I am the eldest son and my mother is getting old, who will care for her in the future if you unfairly carry out these illegal moves propose and implemented by conservative. there is a much larger problem than this affecting windrush generation, the later generation are made to pay much grater price.

The home office I feel has targeted me for 2 reasons

1: I am Jamaican national

2: I had a criminal past

3: Easy Target 

My Objective


Allow me to simply live my life caring for my family