Please Help Stop my Family Being Deported to South Africa

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Thank you for taking the time to read my petition, we as a family appreciate it.

In 2012 I brought my family to the UK from South Africa. I am a British citizen, I married my high school sweetheart and we been together for 23 years this year. The only time we were apart is when I came to the UK to set up house for us. My wife, Louise and kids, (Chelsy & Caydin) came over on a spousal visa. Before the visa expired we were not sure what to do next so I asked Home Office and they refused to give me advice, so I went to citizens advice bureau. I was told that Louise and the Kids could apply for citizenship so we did. It was refused and we appealed. During the appeal we got a removal letter from Home Office. So under the advice from immigration solicitors we applied for further leave to remain. The type of application used was the wrong one. Even throught this process Home Office refused to give advice. A year later this applicatioin was also refused. We applied again under a different application all three applicaitons have cost use over £10k. My family live in fear of Home Office letters and even worse,  being forcefully removed from our home and being detained. We gave up our life in South Africa, we have nothing there. No medical; no jobs; no house; no pensions. Yet Home Office insist that we can go back and survive. How when the UK government clearly advise against South Africa travel to South Africa as it is too dangerous. Look in the media how people are being killed and the racist goverment refuses to do anything about it. How is it that Home Office tell me as a Brithish citizen that I must leave the UK with my family? I am British and have the human right to be with my family and as a UK citizen I have the right to live in the UK

Please help Louise, Caydin and Chelsy follow their dreams of staying as a family unit in the UK with me. They love the UK and do not want to go to a country that cleary is not safe. Even if I went back with them I would not be able to support them without a house or job to go back to. Clearly we met the criteria to settle here as they issued the visas in the first place. All we did wrong was apply for the wrong process, we accept that, but why when so many others came in the UK on a holiday visa and over-stayed and then applied for further leave to remain and got it. They were never clear about their intentions. Home Office refuse to acknowledge this. How do you do the right thing when the very people that make the decision refuse to advise you? I have spent a lot of time researching this and found that many cases weaker than ours have been approved. Please help my family not to fall into this "quota" system that Home Office work too.

Please sign and share this petitioin to and many people, we need 100 000 signatures to take this to parliment.

Thank You

Troy, Louise. Chelsy and Caydin Gent