Please grant a young man with autism and learning disability a chance to remain in the UK

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I am writing this petition on behalf of an Iraqi family who entered the United Kingdom to seek asylum in 2014. I first came into contact with the family in 2015 when I commenced one-to-one specialised support with their oldest son. Fahad is a twenty year old man with Autism and learning difficulties who arrived with his parents and two younger siblings at the age of seventeen to seek asylum in the UK. Fahad requires full support and is unable to cope well with changes to his life routines. My role as Fahad’s personal assistant is to provide full support with his daily tasks and ensure that he has a normal daily routine. Fahad’s arrival to the UK has been traumatic for him and required a lot of special care and support to meet his needs. People with Autism cope really badly with change and for this reason I am concerned that if Fahad is deported from UK it would further destabilise him and cause a lot of distress. Furthermore, the family’s request for asylum is on the grounds of humanitarian protection based on the experiences they faced in Iraq from threats and attacks on their family members. But despite these dangers, the family have had their permission to stay in the UK refused and they face possible deportation back to Iraq.
Since leaving Iraq in 1997, the family moved to Libya and then Oman where they resided for ten years. However, as their oldest son was reaching adulthood, the immigration system in Oman with regards to Visa/Age will no longer permit their son to remain and therefore must return to Iraq. Mr Alabid (Fahad’s father) said “Having to live in fear for our safety, has left us with no option but to seek asylum in United Kingdom”.
Both parents have worked most of their lives. Mr Alabid is a Civil Engineer with over twenty four years’ experience and his wife is a Dentist with twenty years’ practice. Mr Alabid said “We sacrificed everything we had, believing that we can protect our children and provide them with a safe future by coming to United Kingdom”.
Since arriving to the UK, they have been trying hard to have a normal life routine for their children. Mr Alabid and his wife live in Bolton with their three dependent children; Fatimah who is five years old and at the reception stage at school, Abdullah fifteen year old and goes to a secondly school and Fahad who attends specialized educational classes at Bolton College. Mr Alabid has also undertaken a variety of volunteer work including support work at Bolton College and the local Lads and Girls Club.
As any loving parents, they fear for the safety and well-being of their children, especially their oldest son Fahad. Mr Alabid said that “Fahad struggles to cope with changes to his life routines”. Fahad has difficulty with social interaction and suffers from anxiety at anything that is unpredictable or uncertain. Fahad’s consultant psychiatrist, Social Worker and Community District Nurse have all stated that Fahad is a very vulnerable young man due to his needs and limited communication skills. They also share the same sentiment that if the family are to be deported back to Iraq, Fahad would lose the support he requires and may destabilize and make him regress in abilities.
Mr Alabid said: “Taking Fahad back to Iraq would deprive him from the crucial care and special educational support he has been receiving, as these are not available in Iraq”. Mr Alabid added “like so many other families in our situation, we do not want to be a burden or a drain for the local authorities but wish to resume our profession so we could give back to the community. Our only aim is to secure our safety and give our children the chance to live a life without the fear of harm and to be made a part of this great country so we can contribute to this society”.
Please support the Alabid family to remain by signing this petition.