Please don’t force my severely disabled son to leave UK

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My severely disabled son has autism, epilepsy and serious mental health conditions but our family are being forced to leave the UK by the Home Office.  The doctors say he is unfit to travel. They told me his safety and that of others is at risk if he is forced to leave his safe environment, and medical care and around the clock support he is receiving in the UK. 

 We have been living in the UK for 7 years, where I work at Oxfam who want to keep me. I am on a five year intra-company transfer visa which previously could be extended but the visas rules changed and I did intend to leave.   Unfortunately, Gopul’s condition dramatically deteriorated in 2014 and he was hospitalised for a long period.  If he has to leave the UK, he will suffer irreversible damage to his condition.

I have asked the Home Office to give us discretionary leave to remain because of the severity of his condition but because it is a mental issue they can ignore the medical evidence his doctors sent.  If he had a physical condition, my solicitor says  he had a better chance for leave to remain on humanitarian grounds.

I desperately worried for my son.  Please sign our petition and ask the Home Secretary to have a heart and help Gopul to stay in UK.