London to elect its own Met Police Commissioner

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In the rest of the country, Police Commissioners are elected by the people they are there to protect. The events unfolding around the case of Sarah Everard have shone light on the many institutional failures of the Metropolitan Police force. 

London's Met Police Commissioner is not elected but appointed by the Home Office i.e. Priti Patel, and both have little accountability to Londoners. 

Crime in London is at an all time high but reporting of cases of sexual crime and prosecutions are at an all time low. Meanwhile Black Londoners are nine times more likely to be stopped and searched than White Londoners. It is clear that trust between public and police has been broken.

With planned increases in police numbers and powers, the 9 million people of London need to have a say. We need to restore our faith in the police.

Cressida Dick has one more year left of her term and must answer to the systemic failures seen throughout the force. London's Met Police Commissioner needs to be directly accountable to Londoners.

It's time for us to elect our next Met Police Commissioner.