A Family's Right to remain in the UK

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I start this petition today to raise awareness of the terrible injustice I am being exposed to by the Home Office.

I am a British Citizen and I have 4 dependent children with my fiance.

He has worked and lived in the UK for all of his adult life as he came here when he was 24 years old and is now 39. 

Since 2014 we have been in a battle with the home office to grant him his leave to remain in the UK. He has never claimed from the state and wants nothing more then to lead a private family life.

At every step of this journey we have not been recognized as humans, rather, only as a piece of paper.

My Fiance has now been detained with intentions of removal. 

I start this petition to request that the decision is over ruled  and he be released immediately.

He has no criminal record, yet he is being detained with criminals awaiting deportation. 

Yesterday evening he had to endure his cell neighbor attempting suicide and the security guards took over 20minutes to attend the cell after the panic alarm was alerted.

This is horrendous. 

My fiance has been placed in a pressure cooker he has been attacked, witness to use of spice and heroin, witness to suicide attempt. This is only within the first 7 days.

He is not safe in this environment. Please help me to bring him home.

Regardless of where someone comes from they should be treated with the same human rights.

Stop this system from punishing the wrong people and offer those who are in this process the appropriate support. 

We have a future and at the moment it is hanging on a string. 

There is no direct contact with in the Home Office, no update on his position despite my continuous correspondence and contact I am making on a daily basis 

The response time for correspondence needs to be shortened.

There also needs to be in place, a way to escalate your contact where necessary in urgent cases.

I have not once been contacted by the home office despite my endless contact with them

Please help my voice be heard and save my family and help all those other voices that have no body to escalate awareness