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Keep Falak in school

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Dear supporters

Over the last few days we have been informed by various sources that, in spite of the wonderful response from the public in signing the petition, and all the incredibly generous donations, the family is highly unlikely to be successful in their application to the Home Office.
it is our understanding, having spoken to immigration lawyers that the Government’s practice has now changed and the Home Office is no longer granting the right to remain in the UK to children who have been in the country for 7 years, only to those who have been here for 10 years; policy which we are told will soon come into legislation. This will mean that even if this application is successful, they would have to raise thousands of pounds every year to make continuous applications. They would be living in a constant state of worry and stress, in cramped conditions, and not able to work. All things considered, having lived this way for 2 years now, the family decided that, for the sake of their children they could not live this way for another 5 years and have decided to return to Pakistan.

Being mindful that the donations were sent toward the cost of the Home Office application, the family would like to offer to return the donations to any donor who should ask. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this.

Alternatively, all funds will go towards keeping Falak in school in her parent’s home country of Pakistan. Should you leave them with the family, your donations would be spent on Falak’s school fees (around £100 per month), books, stationary and school bus fares which the family could not otherwise afford. The £3, 370 we have raised would ensure that Falak could stay in school for two years, and we hope that you will be as proud as we are to have contributed towards this.

We want to ensure that Falak stays in school. We will continue to fundraise to this end and have updated Falak's fundrasing page to reflect this.


are a group of local parents in Harringay, North London and are shocked that 5 year old Falak, a little girl in Reception class at our children's school, is being threatened with removal from the UK along with her parents. Born in London, Falak is part of a close-knit group of friends who will be devastated if she leaves.

Falak's family could be removed at any time. We urgently need your help to keep this terrified young family in the country they call home.

We are calling for the Home Office to give the family Temporary Right to Remain on the basis of having children who were born and are being educated in the UK.

Falak's parents arrived in the UK on Student Visas in 2010 and over the past 7 years have made numerous unsuccessful applications to the Home Office and paid thousands of pounds in immigration and legal fees.

In the year Falak was born, back in Pakistan, 12 year old Malala was shot in the head for speaking out publicly about girl’s rights to education. Pakistan has the second largest number of girls not in school in the world. If Falak is sent back to Pakistan, this may be the end of her education; we cannot let this happen.

Both of Falak's parents are significant members of our local community. Tayyba has volunteered at our local Children's Centre, at school events, at the local GP's surgery and in local charity shops, as well as juggling two small children. The family has received letters of support for Falak’s cause from the Head teacher at her school, as well as from David Lammy, our local MP.

The situation is urgent:

Falak’s father is being summoned for a meeting at the Home Office in one week’s time. The family believe that he may be forcibly removed from the country. Breaking up a family in this way can make that the rest of the family give up hope and leaves voluntarily. The only way to stop this process in its tracks is to make another application to them.

If the application is successful, Falak and her parents will get temporary leave to remain in this country for 1.5 years, after which Falak will be 7 and much more likely to get indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The fees for the Home Office application alone are £3,000. Thanks to this petition we have already raised nearly £900 which will cover the solicitor's fees but we still need more help.

Please support this urgent appeal! Sign the petition to urge the Home Office to consider the application carefully, share with as many people as you can and please donate to the fund for the immigration and legal costs.

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