Keep a modern day family together

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Being a modern day family is never easy especially when there are two dads and two amazing girls and this is where I start my story. Society and the government need to change the views seen today. For families to be a mix of Gay, Bi, Transgender, Lesbian couples with children who love and respect one another and with everyone having a respect and a network of support is more common than one would think although I shouldn’t need to say that as it should just be expected and should be seen as the norm however I’ll tell you why this isn’t so. My partner and I have been together for some 3 years and from previous relationship I have two amazing daughters who respect , adore and love Alex with all their heart as a father figure , friend , big brother in some respects and a figure head for the family at many times given my hectic work schedule . Alex and I met in the USA (me as a British citizen ) him a Cuban citizen with resident status in Miami. 2 years ago We decided to have Alex come to the UK to visit as our relationship grew stronger and to see if we could build our family given my commitments to my daughters and family life in England . Upon visiting we quickly realised our family and life together became stronger and decided to apply for leave to remain to the home office in support of our relationship as a modern day couple and family giving all the reasons on why I could not leave my family in the uk and my daughters to continue our relationship in the USA . As such we recently got declined for our application and were issued with a deportation notice which led to the family being in great distress and having to spend endless amounts of money to find ways to keep our family together on the basis that Alex had forged strong family ties in the Uk having left everything in the USA to be a family in the Uk. Now we have gone through many challenges during the application process and requested to allow Alex to work or study in the uk and be a contributor to the economy during the process of application to which this was denied . Alex having worked for a leading high street retailer on Miami’s famous south beach front was always working hard over 60-70 hour weeks to ensure the store was in top condition given the location etc and is someone who naturally has Good ethics to want to work and contribute to society. Unfortunately the government didn’t allow him to work as part of the application. Just to note as a high tax payer myself to the uk economy having served in the army and worked every day in my working life since school we were neither entitled to any support , funding etc from the government for Alex’s stay. This wasn’t a problem given I had sufficient funds and met the criteria as a sponsor for my fiancé’s  application and therefore Alex’s stay has not cost the country or tax payer one penny at all . Due to my work commitments and that of my children’s mother’s commitments Alex has played a valuable and important part of my daughters lives for the last two years. Having responsibility for school runs, doctors appointments , general well being and care for my daughters and doing all the normal fatherly activities and days out with my girls whilst I work to provide for my family and tothe economy. Alex has forged strong relationships not only with our extended family but also socially with work colleagues and friends across the Uk and is an important part of so many people’s lives. Unfortunately recently due to the decision made we have had to start with a brand new application and to aid us in this we had asked our close friends and families to help support our application as a modern day family and to keep us all together . The consequences of splitting us up are not only immoral but would cause disruption and heartache for not only myself and my children but for many who have come to know us as a strong modern family unit. Having over 100 or so letters of witness and support from different families already to support our case we are asking for everyone’s support to help keep our family together. Not only is the government wanting to impact a genuine family unit by looking to decline our application on our first submission but given the length of time Alex has been here they would be looking to deport Alex and break up our family by sending him to his birth place of Cuba where although is legally accepting of the LGBT community in many places it is still frowned upon and would cause even the local government and local police to make it very difficult for Alex to support himself . Having no ties at all to his birth country and having no ability to work there or have housing would mean the UK government would be sending an innocent loving and caring person to live a life’s of poverty in a country they will face difficulties in being himself and being open about his sexuality and our relationship. This is not acceptable and not how the Uk government should treat someone who is willing to contribute to the U.K. economy and someone that has not cost the tax payer one penny since being here . We strongly believe our case also did not meet the requirements because of us being a same sex couple and a modern day family with statements from the home office stating that we could continue the relationship via modern day technology methods . For anyone who has been or visited Cuba will know that the government restricts access for internet and has made it extremely expensive for those to use technology devices in many areas given their controls over the people. The government also believes as uk residents me and my daughters would have the ability to visit Cuba given the strong recognition of the British passport worldwide and that we could continue our relationship and that of my girls by leaving the uk and visiting Cuba regularly not taking into account that this wouldn’t not only be impossible to do due to cost but wouldn’t be significantly disruptive to my daughter s lives and education in the uk but also my ties due to being an exec for a uk company to which I could not leave. In addition our family and network are all in the uk and the mother of my children whilst supportive of our modern lives as a family unit would not want our family to leave the uk to a country that would not be as accepting of our family set up but also the disruption to my daughters livelihoods as uk nationals Who we’re born and spent all their lives in England! 

Our petition is to address the fact that as a modern day family we need to gain the support from as many people we can to keep our family together even if a petition is made to support us . To embrace what is normal and that a family can be that of two male figures , two female figures and two trans/ bisexual figures bringing up children or establishing a solid family in the UK or anywhere in the world for that matter as love has no boundaries. We ask for the support of the people to sign a petition to Keep our family together , to help gain approval for Alex’s application for Indefinate Leave To Remain in the UK and to most importantly endorse us as a strong family who have children as a same sex couple where we already contribute significantly to society and can contribute more if alex is approved to be able to work in the U.K. and continue our lives together . Our aim remains to get married for purposes of love and the application and decision recently is delaying us moving forward with our lives . Whilst it may seem simple to get married and go down a different route we also don’t want to marry to satisfy a tick box exercise for Alex’s application. We plan to marry for love and when this is all over and we can move forward with our lives as a solid family together in the UK. 

I am sure the UK government have More important agendas to fix to include those who are detrimental to the U.K. tax payer and those who do not wish to contribute even as uk born citizens . Your help , support and also acceptance to this petition will help us greatly and keep a modern day lovingly family together . By gaining over 1000 signatures or more of we can will help to show the home office that families with same sex couples deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples. Thank you for reading and thank you for any support you can provide .