Introduce a national strategy on Intimate Violence Against Men & Boys

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We support the call for the UK government to adopt a National Strategy on Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys (IVAMB).

At present, policies to support male victims of crimes like sexual abuse, domestic violence and so called honour-based violence are managed through the national 'Violence Against Women and Girls' strategy. This does not provide adequate protection for the men and boys affected, does not meet their gender-specific needs, it marginalises male victims and renders them invisible, and is considered profoundly offensive and hurtful. 

An IVAMB strategy would take practical, measurable steps to:

1. Prevent such violence from happening, by challenging attitudes and behaviours which foster it and intervening early where possible to prevent it.

2. Provide adequate support to victims and survivors where violence does occur.

3. Work in partnership to obtain the best outcome for male victims/survivors and their families.

4. Take action to reduce the risk to men and boys who are victims of such crimes and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

5. Represent and reflect the reality of modern Britain in supporting, including and recognising equality and diversity in the context of intimate violence.

6. Retain, complement and enhance the national Violence Against Women and Girls strategy, by returning it to its stated and intended purpose.

For more information and explanation, please visit our FAQ page or our full Briefing Document.