Immigration killing my life

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I am a Bangladeshi citizen and l have conection with United kingdom from 2003 when I was very young. Many occasions I visited United kingdom as I have large group of family and friends in this country. When I last came in this country it was on 2011 then I decide to stay in this country and continue my family and private life in UK but several time I got refuse from home office as I was overstayed. I am married now and I have a family commitment with my wife but still I am getting same decision from home office. It's just because of a decision my bright life going to be distorted, I have everyone around me but still I feel lonely as I don't have any right in this country. I can't able to go college, I can't able to work and I can't able to go anywhere. Now I feel like I am a lonely person. I am very happy with my married life and I love my family life which established in this country which is impossible to leave them. Day by day my mined is going down and sometime I feel like I kill myself. Nobody can help about this matter and nobody can help me unless human rights watch me. I never thought in my life I would of face a problem like this. I am struck with my life and I feel bad because of me my wife is suffering and supporting me. She is running a buissness also she is working to support our family and needs which I suppose to do for my family but my luck is very bad and I am seatting down with hope when I will be able to support my family and live as a human been. First tier decision was I can go back home and established my family life with her but it's easy to say, no one knows about my condition in Bangladesh and what I am going through. I am fighting for my rights and as a human been I have right to make a decision about my family and private life. I don't know how long I will survive like this may be one day I have to give up and leave this world forever that would be my last option.

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