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Immigrants don't deserve degrading, they are human like everyone

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Let's start with my brief introduction. I am 37 years old Pakistani national. I am living in UK for more than 7 years, my wife joined me as Dependent 3 years ago. I am highly qualified with British qualifications and very professional, hard worker and dedicated. I have completed 2 years diploma in Business Management, BA (Hons) in Business Management and MBA (Finance). I became Associated Member of Chartered Management Institute in 2012 then promoted as Member in 2016. I am also Associate Member of Institute of Leadership and Management. I have 11 years past banking experience included 4 years experience as Chief Accountant.


I am extremely interested to do something more than a normal immigrant do for this country and community. From my very limited working hours allowance, I spared few hours to work for Police as volunteer, I am also registered blood donor, this is not for money but for priceless care for everyone regardless for what they are and who they are. I tried to join British Army, passed eligibility test but put on hold due to less time in expiry of my visa. I owned domain to start a not-for-profit company to provide almost every kind of help community looking for, but can only start when I will be allowed to do a business in UK.

I helped community as you can understand as stated above and I helped economy by paying tax and national insurance for 4 years.


Once a person have all of good qualifications, great professional background and most importantly a big heart for country and community, what they deserved to be in future? I hope all will say a bright future... But what I am know is completely opposite and unbelievable.


We have been dragged to the lowest point of living standard which is homeless and this is because of Home Office unfair dealing and careless behaviour which has been destroyed my resistance, morality, relationships and almost everything.


Home Office refused our visa application in January, 2016 with advise to leave country just in 7 days, they also advised us to inform them through further submissions under Section 120 if we are not able to leave country within seven days. I sent further submission for one time, but no response, then second time, no response, I sent them further submissions for 8 times but no response at all. I spend 1 whole years to send them further submissions and requested to provide me something in writing so we can leave the country, but I think I was too low standard person for them. As I was not allowed to work after visa refusal, our savings gradually goes down and down and one time we had to vacate property because I was not able to pay rent. I informed Home Office, but I think they thought "we don't care". Anyone can understand that this is clearly degrading and debasing treatment because Home Office has no authority to do that. This is Home Office responsibility to respond to further submissions.


I thought its better to send another visa application including all of my previous letters so they will have to respond to it. I sent a Human Rights Application including Article 3 (degrading treatment by Home Office), Article 8 (disturbing private life), Article 13 (non-provision of any practical remedy), these all articles were based on my one year struggle to send further submissions, and also few additional categories. After a long wait of about 9 months, I got refusal on this application, it was shocking and unbelievable that Home Office ignored whole part of my Human Rights claims and refused application on the basis of few points of additional categories. They said in decision that I was submitted application on the basis of private life when this was Human Rights application. They even ignored our worst financial situation. They wasted almost two years of my life and I got nothing.


At present, we are living in the car for more than 1 year now, some times we don't even have money to eat. I am very thankful to my family members and friends who supported us for a long time but there is a limit in supporting someone so all have stopped supporting us, and we had to listen many bitter sentences. I have now huge debts on me which I have to pay them back before leaving this country, and this decision put us into this situation where we can't stay here and can't even leave. Home Office has put "invisible handcuffs" on my hands where I am looks free but can't actually do anything.


As per my opinion when we born, we born as a "human", no body choose a colour, nobody choose a religion and no body choose a geographical location, then why we can't understand humanity? When we grow up then we makes borders between colours, genders, religions, and areas, why we are not thinking that if I am having a good religion or good colour or good country then I wasn't choose this when I was born, then why do we degrade someone on the same things which they didn't choose for themselves?


Immigrants taken a very prominent and positive part in the British economy, they invest their money in British economy in education sectors and businesses, they filled up the gapes of lack of labourers and professionals, and most of them actually worked very hard to help not only themselves and their families but British society and economy. Then why they looks different and lower when they want further stays here? I know and I can understand that UK's population is growing up day by day and immigration also causes rise in population. So for the Government, it is hard to tackle with population and they have to take steps to reasonably control this. But I will say please "reasonably control" this. When you can see that a person sounds highly qualified and professional and also want to do something for your country and he actually not saying this but this actually provable through his documents then why you not giving him a chance to do something for this country and for his family as well? And if you still want them to leave UK, then why don't you let them leave with respect and dignity? Do anyone has the right to degrade, humiliate or debase someone with no reason at all?


As per my opinion, everyone has to understand their rights and responsibilities. When laws come into effect, public or immigrants never been the first type of people who have to follow them, this is law enforcement departments who have to follow them first of all, if they don't follow them, then how can they ask someone to follow it?


I am highly grateful to everyone who wish to support me to help stop these degrading and similar issues, please help me to stand on my feet. If you support me today, then lots of immigrants can save themselves by facing these unacceptable issues because then Home Office will have to be careful to deal with immigrants' rights. If we left unsupported today, then someone else will be another victim tomorrow. 


Best regards...

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