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If you can't father a disabled son, don't expect Britain to roll you out a red carpet

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We the undersigned stand in unity with Sandra Andulire Ntonya against the evil ex-husband Alex Ntonya. Her story goes;

'Having a disabled child made me an object of scorn from the very man I expected to stand by me and share the pain. His father; rather, he tormented me mentally and physically for giving him such a son and I quit the marriage when he was aged two. I took the blame for giving him a child with disabilities and he attempted to get us deported. 'I don't call this thing a child - I can't father a disabled child' were his constant words as though I chose to opt in to the various forms of abnormalities for a child.  He left for Africa, Malawi, remarried and lived there for 15 years with NO contact...... and in his roller coaster of fun and frolics he got infected with HIV. 

For my son Alfred Ntonya I went through a painful diagnosis of autism and severe learning difficulties and a chromosome abnormality (1p36 deletion) alone whilst enduring hardships of a visa that prohibited employment and state benefits, endless medical appointments and obtaining Special Education Needs Statements for Camberwell Park Primary now at Melland high school. It was a 10 year plea to the HOME OFFICE to exercise their discretion to allow us to remain on compassionate grounds, with the help of my late 'iconic' GORTON MP Sir Gerald Kauffman (MHSRIP) and other good samaritans. 

The man who declined to father 'this thing' has now made his way back to Britain from Malawi, now that Alfred and I are naturalised to British citizenship and ruthlessly demanding the passports in an attempt to claim residency to prolong his life.  After 15 years no see no hear!!! he expects Britain to roll out a red carpet and red passport for him. The police are aware of the threats he has been making and have dealt with him accordingly. My humble plea is that such a shameless man who has not walked a mile in caring for this child should not be allowed in any form to exploit the very stone he rejected.  That is undeserved unmerited inhumane and it breaks my heart that he expects to walk on a red carpet after spitting venom to an innocent child. It has been a painful journey raising and explaining to my son what happened and why he has always had an ABSENT FATHER.  Please hear my cry and demonstrate what Britain truly stands for; fairness, social justice and compassion where it's due. The very stone he brutally rejected can not be the corner stone of his wellbeing today'. 

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