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Help Sophia go back home - Revoke VISA of Atifa Yasin

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We are trying to bring justice to Sophia. Sophia is a 60-year-old woman with severe mental health problems. She was recently institutionalised due to her depressive tendencies but due to treatment and the thought of being with her father, helped her recover and she was soon back at home with her father Mohammed Yasin.

Mohammed Yasin's wife of over 30 years passed away in 2012 at the age of 69. Sophia and Mohammed then resided in their family home.

Mohammed Yasin who is now near the age of 80 decided against the wishes of many to be married to a woman half his age or perhaps younger. The person in question, Atifa Yasin is not a British Citizen and was not in the UK. Mohammed Yasin specifically went to Pakistan to get married.

After his initial VISA applications for Atifa Yasin were rejected on the basis of age and for how long he had known her. She was soon granted an application to stay for a certain time.

Atifa Yasin, knowing that Sophia had a history of mental illness, mentally abused her for many months to the point that she was thrown out by her father. Sophia, despite her condition, looked after Mohammed Yasin for 5 years prior to the arrival of Atifa Yasin to the best of her ability.

Sophia, not having anywhere to go became homeless. Her sister, Annette lives abroad. 

The Home Office and local supporting organisations were informed of what has happened. No response was given to the Home Office despite countless emails. Local Cardiff Council support was called and a conversation can be logged from their records

This is an e-mail that was sent to the Home Office -

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you regarding an application of immigration for the above mentioned Atifa Yasin, which was made, I believe, in February of this year. This woman has married my father, the month before in January 2017. My father if Mohammed Yasin of ------------------------------------. My father will be 80 years old in January 2018 and his new wife is 40 years old. My sister, Sophia, has been living with my father, for the last 5 years. Sophia is a manic depressive, on medication, has suicidal tendencies and has not long come away from The Priory Hospital, Bristol, which is a psychiatric establishment for treatment. Living with my Dad has never been an issue as Sophia for obvious reason cannot live alone. That was until his wife arrived. She has made it clear from the start that Sophia is not wanted or welcome at my father's house anymore. There has been nothing but arguments and disagreements over this matter since this woman has arrived. She has emotionally blackmailed my father continually, saying "she goes, or I go". Sophie was asked to leave the property this week. This mentally sick woman, who is extremely vulnerable is now homeless. She is sleeping on a friend's sofa for now but she can't stay there indefinitely. Atifa has threatened from the outset that she would systematically isolate my father then wait for him to die so that she will inherit "the jackpot". And she is doing exactly that. Are there no laws to protect a British born subject who is mentally incapable of looking after herself properly? My father has become completely isolated. She doesn't like any of his friends, the majority of which have stopped visiting. He is completely at her mercy. I live in Greece. It is pointless me flying there because I've been told I'm not allowed in to see my father. As of late, my father has started repeating a lot of what he says and I am beginning to wonder, if maybe, he has the start of dementia, due to his age. My Dad in a different way is just as vulnerable as Sophia. Should I be reporting this matter to Social Services and the Police?

My apologies for asking advice but it is clear to each of us, as his children, that this complete stranger is using my progressively vulnerable father as a ticket into the United Kingdom.

Please advise as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Annette W

What right does Atifa Yasin have to abuse and remove a British Citizen from her own family home when she herself is not a British Citizen?

What right does Atifa Yasin have to stop an elderly man from associating himself with certain people?

What right does Atifa Yasin have on claiming the property of Mohammed Yasin as her own when she has not contributed to it at all?

Atifa Yasin has stopped Mohammed Yasin from being in touch with his own family and friends.

As the family confronted Atifa Yasin concerning their family home, she told them that her husband (who is 80) will buy her a new property to live in. We know that this is not possible despite his age and finances.

The family is very concerned about this behavior and they believe that from these underlying reasons, her VISA application is revoked.

Sophia is currently now in Greece but wishes to be at home with her father since that is her only parent left alive.

There is an issue not only of how Atifa Yasin could be allowed to remain in the UK for doing what she did but also that local organisations and police have failed Sophia, a delicate person who needed their help the most.

Therefore any support given should allow Sophia to be reunited at home and have Atifa Yasin's VISA application revoked on the basis of abusing a mentally ill individual and driving Sophia out of her home.

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