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I arrived in the UK in 2004 with my husband, 13 year old son and 9 year old daughter. We have always lived as a close knitted family, me and my husband have always worked, paid our taxes and never claimed any benefits. In October 2012, we submitted an application to the Home Office attached with my daughter's application as she was under the age of 18 years old. She was qualified for Indefinite Leave to Remain under Article 8 of the Human Rights ground as she came to the UK when she was a child and had spent 7 years of her life continuously together. The Home Office kept refusing and we went to the First Tier Tribunal, my daughter was granted 30 months leave to remain yet refused to grant the rest of the family. This is totally unfair, I can't understand how the Secretary of State expects me to leave my 17 year old daughter in the UK alone and return back to my country. It would be devastating for me to return back to Mauritius as I came in this country to give both my children a better future, my children consider the UK as their hometown as they both grew up and completed their education in the UK. The Home Office has continuously refused our application; we have spent thousands of pounds attending oral hearings and they simply want to deport me, my husband and son to Mauritius and let my daughter stay in the UK alone. As a mother I couldn't bear to see my daughter stay in the UK alone. The Home Office lied to my MP and informed him our family were granted Leave to Remain in Aug 2015 however only my daughter was granted. The Home Office have constantly sent my daughter deportation letters even though she is legally allowed to stay in the UK. As a mother I cannot bear to see my 24 year old who works long hours go through so much stress, and would certainly request everyone to support my petition and stop the Home Office from separating families. The Home Office is not a free service, it is a paid for service and it needs to employ staffs with more qualifications, knowledge and compassion. I would be most grateful for all your support. I would like the Home Office to reconsider our application and not separate our family. 

On behalf of everyone in my family; Thank You.