Help bring Robin back home

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My son Bryn Holman met his wife in his home town Peterborough , UK . Bryn 27 is a Brain Tumour survivor and when he met Robin from Australia he instantly fell in love with her and due to suffering a life changing illness and recovery he asked her to marry him . His illness had changed his outlook about life and he wanted to grasp happiness when he could . They were married , made a home together in a new house with their dog and cat . Bryn is an outstanding tattoo artist with his own studio and Robin worked as a veterinary nurse . They applied for her new visa but it was denied . I then employed a national immigration solicitors whom I paid 1500 pounds to over the phone to appeal the decision. This company took the money then failed Robin and Bryn in the court appeal by not presenting Bryns financial statement in the bundle to the court . The solicitor apologised for this and stated she would re apply at no cost but this never happened . The solicitor was let go by the company without Bryn and Robin knowing and the letter from the home office sat on her desk stating that she was now an over stayer and needs to leave the country . The home office held Robins passport and Bryn had to find a thousand pounds for Robins airfare home to Australia yesterday 19/12/2018 . Bryn had to say goodbye to his wife not knowing when he will next see her .Their hearts were torn out at the airport !  They have to re apply all over again for another visa costing approx £5000 , Bryn has used all their savings up and has cancelled Christmas . They have built a life here and  just want to be together and continue a happy life in peace and start a family . 

Help bring Robin home , please sign the petition as they meet the criteria for her to be able to have a visa to stay but let down by the immigration solicitors who represented them . Please share x