Hamid Baygi lived in UK about 50 years will deport to IRAN soon. Stop deporting Hamid

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Hamid Baygi has been detained in immigration detention despite living in the UK for 49 years and half. 

He is being threatened with deportation on Tuesday 4th June. It is vital we show the Home Office this is unjust and seek his removal from detention!

He first came to the UK in January 1970, studying in various boarding schools, and Chippenham and Brunel Technical Colleges. In 1983, he was a correspondent for the Iranian New Agency in Madrid. Between 1988 and 1993 he worked in Kish University in a liaison capacity to British universities, enabling students based in the Gulf to study courses based under British educational licensing. Later on in 1993, he worked in an official capacity as a teacher in a reputable international school in Worcesteshire. In 2001, he was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. 

He has always lived in the UK legally, has always contributed to the British system and paid his taxes. Yet, at the age of 61, with numerous health problems, some of which were inflicted on him whilst he was in detention in 2015, including a torn rotator cuff, the Home Office is seeking to deport him.  

In 2014, he was sentenced to 8 months in prison for pleading guilty to two crimes. His father had recently passed away and he was seeking help for depression and alcoholism as a result of this. The only reason he pleaded guilty was because he was advised to do so by his solicitor, advising he would be released if he did so.  But this was not the case. Instead of being released at the hearing, as he was informed he would be, he was told he would not be released because he was being considered for deportation. He served 4 months in prison in Horfield HMP in Bristol, and a further 16 months having been served a Deportation Order as a result of his guilty pleas. Is this how someone who is going through problems should be treated? Neglecting the 40 years of contribution he has made to this country? 

He was released from prison on 11th November 2016 on bail, as his solicitor put his case forward that detaining someone for such a period of time, for the crimes he committed (which he would not have pleaded guilty to had he not be advised to do so), was inhumane, and the fact that he had very willing guarantors. He has since been staying in Sheffield, where he has been involved in volunteering work and become part of the local community. 

In Sheffield he had been attempting to appeal against the deportation order through a Human Rights Application. This is not covered by legal aid. Solicitors discouraged him from applying for Exceptional Case Funding, saying this was very unlikely to be accepted. But in March it was, and he has been doing all he can to chase his solicitors to complete his Human Rights Application, now that legal aid is in place. 

But the Home Office are attempting to remove him before he can do so!It is shocking that the Home Office is seeking to deport someone who has lived in this country for decades. He has nothing in Iran, and at the age of 61 with his health problems, his life would be at risk. 

I hope you agree and join me in calling on the Home Office to release a man who has been a contributing resident of this country for 40 years by signing this petition. 

It is imperative we get Hamid Baygi released!