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Grant Youssef Indefinite Leave to Remain

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I came to the UK in 2009 to join my wife and son who I sadly couldn't be there for when he was born as visa was still not issued.

My relationship with my wife deteriorated appallingly and due to the limited leave on my passport I discovered that the immigration law made me very vulnerable and at the mercy of my capricious wife irrespective if I may be the finest husband in the world and if there is a child involved.

For 2 years her everyday words and threats:

I will send you to the shit you came from I will send you to the toilet you came from I endured to stay with my son.

I had to teach myself to block it out and deafen my ears to incessant abuse.

I suffered enormous mental and physical abuse and severe financial extortion for my first 2 years with her.


Until July 2011 my wife came up with the most evil repulsive plot and just 2 weeks prior to my application for Indefinite Leave To Remain she reported me to the Police falsely alleging that I've raped her every single day of our 5 years marital life.

I was subsequently arrested and thrown in prison for long six months awaiting trial.

She said : My husband has sex twice a day with me it's 6- 8 hours every day during each intercourse. 

She said: I never instigated sex with my husband when asked by my barrister.

My barrister then asked : why marry him then?

She said : I love my husband and did want to have sex with him occasionally but instead of giving me an orgasm or two he would continue and make me come more

She said: His penis would be inside me erect for few hours.

My barrister asked : Have you ever expressed your refusal of engaging in sexual activity with your husband have you ever talked about it with him during the many years you have been married?

She said : No

My barrister asked : So how is he supposed to know if he's doing anything you don't like

She said : I don't know maybe he should have gauged.

I know that all the above sounds utter drivel in history there was never a man who can have sex for long eight hours not even medically possible yet the CPS decided to charge me.


September 2012 I was tried at the Crown Court for very long six days her mobile phone texts were retrieved I believe by the forensics where evidence of ample serious threats abuse and extortion I received from her.

The jurors found me not guilty by UNANIMOUS DECISION in less than an hour ironically I was not allowed to go free because when my wife reported the marital rape allegations to the police she simultaneously reported me to the immigration services my visa was then revoked after written request from her so the Judge could not let me go I assumed that after she was found a liar that the immigration would grant me Indefinite Leave To Remain but they never did I was locked up further I did 13 months in prison straight, they tried to deport me many times put me through ineffable anguish and tortured me with flair.

I have told the immigration services : In any event I'm very happy to go back to my country but I have a son in the UK ,I have told them should my son come with me I'd immediately leave the country.

They have been very sly and malicious with me and put me through a living-hell forcing me in very cunning third world ways to abandon my son.

I've been on hunger and thirst strikes many times and I was taking to hospital few times as I stopped both eating and drinking.

They don't want to give me my son and yet they don't want to let me stay with him?!

I'm not a Sperm Donor and I will never give up on my son I have undergone most gruesome circumstances only and solely for him I will die before they separate me from my child even sperm donors and surrogate mothers are currently demanding their rights to parenting.

I cried my heart every night I couldn't see my son for about 3 years I asked my ex wife just for a photograph of my boy she refused I remember being sat on a chair trying to picture my son in so many ways what does he look like in the 3 years I haven't been in his life I tried asking my ex wife for a photograph again she refused eventually after a battle in the family court I won a child arrangements order and was given a photograph of him after 3 years not being in his life I used to think that I could always single out my son out of the crowd but I was very wrong he was everything but what I have had pictured I broke down on my knees I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed..... I remember the very first time I was able to see him again it was beyond description I have been seeing my boy for 2 and half years now and I'm very thankful I have made it through alive nevertheless am still profoundly scarred due to this whole court experience and not being involved in three years of my boy's childhood.

Despite the fact that I have been acquitted my life have been downright shattered I don't think there is any fix for it.

My acquittal was my new birth ,it was either LIFE SENTENCE or freedom , I'm a new born and the 18th of Sep is my second date of birth.

After my acquittal the local news all they did is publish few papers where the headline was: "Wife threatened to do everything in her power to send her husband to prison."

"Jurors clear husband of rape charges"


I suffered enormous anguish I still think to myself if I were to be found guilty for the False Rape allegations I would get a LIFE SENTENCE and yet she is there scot-free, she was rather rewarded and never punished for her false allegations what if she does it to another man.

I many times attempted taking my life I doused myself with petrol in despair and tried to set myself alight as the family court process took forever and the longing for my child kicked in my survival instincts within it's was too much for me to take after all I'm not made of steel am still human with pulsating heart and lots of emotions. I was sectioned into a mental hospital for three months and have been a service user ever since.

I have shared a very personal story with you I know the media at times have been successful to make people mirror for their propaganda but deep down I know that inside every human being there is a deluge of compassion and kindness its universal inside us no matter what language we speak or what part of the world we were born.

I call on the human inside you Please sign and share.

Thank you very much. 

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