Grant Sami lawful residency in the UK

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Sami is a young man from Afghanistan who had to flee his home, aged 15 yrs, and travel unaccompanied to the UK. It took him 18 months to get here. His father was murdered because of his political beliefs, as was his brother in law. As the only male left in the family his mother made the heart renching decision to send him away. He lost contact with his mother and 2 sisters over 3 years ago. The Red Cross believe they are in Turkey.

Sami arrived in the UK in 2012, having gained access to a oil tanker. He made the gruelling journey up to his waste in oil.

Personal story
Sami has been living with my family since we met him hungry and homeless in Tunbridge Wells. He is a gentle, kind soul and puts a smile on the face of all that meet him. His determination and resilience is remarkable. He conducts himself with eternal optimism and warmth for those around him. We are now the only family he has.

The home office will decide on Friday whether he is allowed to stay in the UK. We strongly believe that his life will be in danger if he returns.