Give Kenny Fu-Kennard his Passport!

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Martin Smith
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Ex British soldier, Kenny Fu-Kennard, has had his passport application denied on the grounds that his name is offensive. This decision needs to be over-turned as Kenny is now effectively a prisoner in his own country. 

Kenny changed his name in 2016 from Kenny Kennard for a bit of fun. He applied for a new driving license and received it with no problems, and so when his passport was up for renewal, Kenny didn't envisage a problem. Unfortunately, the Home Office claimed his name was 'offensive' and turned it down. 

Kenny says: "I'm finding it hard to believe the name could be construed as anything but funny and slightly ridiculous. It's just a joke. I agree with Home Office policy that not all names are acceptable, such as racial hate words or anything that invokes hatred but 'Fu-Kennard' is not offensive, and I object to them denying my chosen name."

Kenny served for 8 years in the British army and enjoys travelling. His last holiday was to Sri Lanka 3 years ago and he would like to see more of the world.

Please take a moment to sign our petition for Kenny, let's get this decision over-turned.