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Get the Home Office to rectify their own mistake

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After waiting 8 months, my fiancé Cameron eventually got his letter regarding his visa and it was denied. The Home Office have denied it on the basis of their own error, cross referencing old with new information. We sent my salary and savings info with the initial application. We then sent new salary and savings info when the Home Office requested it in July, past the date of their own timescales of when we should already have had a decision. As stated by the Home Office themselves, you are instructed not to send anything unless it is specifically requested.

The old savings info was considered alongside my new salary info, showing a false deficit in meeting the income threshold. Even if the new savings info was applied from the date it was sent in July, until the date the decision was made, the average still exceeded the amount we had to hold in savings to meet the income threshold.

This is a shocking failure in protecting the best interest of a British citizen. The Home Office would rather me alone and living as a single parent, than let someone in to the country to work, contribute to the economy, have a family life and who has clearly demonstrated that they can support themselves. My fiancé is from the US and even if he was granted entry to the UK, is not eligible to claim benefits in the UK. He will cost the country nothing, and will only add to it.

We can appeal. The huge issue is that the current timescale to have your appeal heard is 83 weeks, and costs £800 to make an oral appeal (50% success rate) or £490 to make a written appeal (19% success rate). This means that we would need to pay £800, and wait until July 2019 just to point out their own mistake to the Home Office. We have already not seen each other in a year and can not wait another two on top of that.

If Cameron is not granted entry to the UK, the only option we are left with is to move to Ireland. I am being forced out of my own country due to someone else’s mistake. I either split up from the love of my life and the person my kids call dad, or move away from my family, miss seeing my nephew and niece grow up and leave the country I love.

We are already separated for Christmas, and he can’t even visit the country now. Ever. If we live in Ireland he can’t come back to Scotland with me to visit family, attend weddings, nothing. 

I love Scotland, as does my fiancé. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to bring my kids up anywhere else. Please help me in getting the Home Office accept responsibility for their mistake, and also to get them to rectify their mistake, by sharing this. I have already started trying to crowdfund to raise the money to make a whole new application, but should not have to pay or ask people for £2,000+ when the mistake was not ours. 

Thank you ❤️

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