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End UK's ICT visa in IT/Computers.

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ICT (Intra-Company Transfer) visas in IT (Information Technology) sectors are taking away the jobs from resident British IT workforce. I am an SAP (a specialist area in Information Technology) consultant with more than 19 years of SAP experience but have only found few months' worth of work in last 5 years, only because most (above 90%) of the British jobs have been filled by ICT visas given to companies like Infosys, TCS, Tech-Mahindra, Wipro, Cognizant and HCL etc (just to name a few). I know several other SAP consultants in UK who are in similar positions as myself. Similarly I also know several other British resident IT consultants/specialists in various other technologies who are struggling to find a job in UK. These companies and their end clients do not want to give these jobs to local Britain based workers as they find it easy to bring cheap labour from overseas who, very often, are made to work long hours without any extra money. This is double whammy to British workforce as these very same companies have already shipped large number of IT jobs overseas. Moreover many of the ICT visa workers, live (or are forced to live) in squalid living conditions (sometime 2-4 people living in one room in very unhygienic conditions) as their salaries are low and they want save every penny from it.

This country has no shortage of resident skilled IT workforce, so we do not need ICT visa category.

Please remember that Britain has voted for Brexit to reduce the immigration and that sentiment includes IT workers too.

While this petition is not about race, but if it helps, myself, the creator of this petition, is of Indian origin! 

Please scrap ICT category of visa, at least in IT sector. Also raise the limit of minimum annual salary in IT sector to £80,000 for other kind of work permits to help British IT workers and promote local talents.

Thank you. 

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