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Home Office: Call a judge-led Public Inquiry into undercover police surveillance in the UK

Following the revelations about undercover police officers fathering children with people they were spying on, we now hear that undercover police officers were told to spy and 'Dig up dirt' on the family of Stephen Lawrence, who was tragically murdered in a racist attack in 1993. The alleged purpose of this surveillance? To discredit the family and friends of Stephen Lawrence, to hinder their campaign for justice and the scrutiny of the Police force that was investigating his murder.

In a democracy, everyone should have the right to protest and the right to seek justice. It is now apparent, following revelations from a Police whistleblower, that the state are undermining the democratic rights of all of us and we must now have complete transparency to discover the full extent of this surveillance.

We need a full judge-led Public Inquiry now to restore trust in the Police and the Government and answer questions including:
Who gave the go-ahead to these surveillance operations?
How much public money has been spent on this surveillance?
Have these police operations been used to pervert the course of justice?

It has been over two years since the revelations about undercover police officers living and sleeping with activists came out but we are still waiting for any full inquiry to be called.

Please sign this petition and call on the Home Secretary Theresa May to commit to a full judge-led Public Inquiry into the ethics of undercover police surveillance in the UK.

Thank you

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