Bring my breast cancer mother to the UK

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I am a British Citizen originally from Afganistan, I am living in the UK for 18 years, I am taxi driver living in Exeter city.

My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she has got no one in Afghanistan to arrange her treatment, and in Afghanistan there is no such a treatment, the medical system in Afghanistan is terrible, Afghanistan medical system is only business doctors cheating the patients just to earn money, I am the only hope to my mother and we are the only people can help and save her life.

If I apply for visa the home office will refuse her entery visa, because of the law says I have to earn around £66000 a year, for me as a taxi driver will not be possible to earn that much money.

I am asking all my kind British brothers and sisters to help me bring  my mother here and start her treatment, I do not want to lose my mother, she had a terrible time in Afghanistan, we lost everything we had, the only thing left in my life is my mother, I am begging you all to help me sign this petition and get the home office to grant my mother entery visa, I will appreciate everyone’s favor.

Many Thanks