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I am desperately looking for justice and peace of mind. Could you please help me!

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To bring justice we ought to stand for right path. No matter what is going to happen if it is under the circle of justice. Unfortunately, the respected Home Office seeks inappropriate  vulnerabilities to refuse someone. It is more likely that the only duty of the respected Home Office is to refuse applications.

I claimed asylum 7 months ago due to unexpected critical circumstances that happened to me and to my family since I was a teenage 16 years old my dad forced me to study abroad as it was the only available opportunity. 

Because I have studied up to master's level in English language. My interview lanagauge was English as a result I have been asked to conduct the interview via Skype. Sadly,  the lady who was interviewing me was behaving harshly and I felt so nervous and very low as if I am a criminal. My work experience was one of the factors making me to claim asylum. When I told her that if I was still working there I might have been killed in the recent brutal suicide attack which targeted our colleagues. She paused the recording and said in a furious manner even if I was working their I might have been killed but you are not killed, then she asked about the main incident that happened to me I requested her to allow me to give full detail about the incident and she said no there is no time for detail just answer the questions that's it. I believe it is not fair while according to immigration and refuge acts the main interview is the only place to give as much as detail as required. 

In addition, they refused my claim based on false reasons that I have been provided clear and concise detail before my interview by submitting my Personal Statment. Still I readdressed the refusal points by writing to respected Home Office and First Tribunal. But so far I have not heared from them. Since from the past 9 months I am taking prescribed  anti depression medicines and day by day the level of stress and anxiety is increasing. I strongly believe and have the hope that people will stand for my voice as every human needs justice. 

Furthermore, anyone who would like to understand in more detail and to make sure that my argument is absolutely correct I am ready to send him or her the refusal letter, the letter that I have addressed the refusal points, my personal statement and evidences that I have. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email 

I highly appreciate that you have spent your valuable time to read this. 


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