Approve my husband's visa, I need to have surgery before it's too late..!

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Please read, very important!

My name is Melicia Smith. I write here today to just shed some light on what I have been going through for the past few years through my husband's immigration case. I was born and bred in the UK, this is my home and all I know. I have worked since the age of 16 always paid taxes and very disheartened at how I have been treated in my own country. In early 2015 after coming out of a bad relationship, I met the love of my life and I just knew he was the one as I lay eyes on him. He is so caring, calm, patient and kind. His name is Kamaljit Singh but i call him Kamal for short and he came to the UK in 2011 from India to try and better his life. He has never been in trouble with the police neither in India or the UK. When we met our lives changed instantly, we have been so happy together, we had plans of marriage, children, good jobs and the normal family things people do when they are in love. We had applied for a visa on the basis of our relationship because as the years went by, we knew we wanted to be together forever and we are not getting any younger so we moved in together, got engaged and planned to wed. Our dreams have been put on hold as back in 2017 Kamal received a letter stating that because I was not earning the expected salary of £18,600 in order to sponsor him at the time of application even though I had got a new job in between his application and had sent them my contract showing that I was now earning well over the expected salary, that he would have to go back to India and apply from there. Instantly my world came crashing down. He had no right of appeal and slowly I sunk into deep depression, he left in August 2017 and I had to wait till I was 6months in my job in order to apply for him again. We got married in September 2017 which was the most amazing day of my life and I sent off his application in January 2018 which is supposed to take 12 weeks but on the 4th April 2018 (the deadline date) I received an email from the home office asking for a further letter from my employer. So my asked my employer if he could write another letter inserting all the information requested from the home office and I sent it to the home office on 11th April 2018 and still waiting for a decision to date. Since my husband has been gone, I have been highly depressed, most nights I cry myself to sleep, I was taking depression tablets but I was not getting better as he is not back yet. Kamal has been so supportive of me and at times I would call him when I am crying and he would stay on the phone with me until I feel better. He has been my rock and so supportive of me in my deepest, darkest hours. If it wasn't for him, I don't know where I would be right now. It has been a real struggle without my husband both mentally, physically and emotionally. It is just not fair that we have had to wait so long for a response. At the end of the day, you cannot help who you fall in love with and I feel like I am somehow being punished for it. We love each other so much and I just want him back so we can move on with our lives. We will not get back those 8+ months of being apart and I hope it's not much longer as we've already gone through so much, my heart aches so much and I've cried far too many times, I hardly go out anymore. Most weeks, I just work and go home. I have a lump in my breast which keeps growing but I am worried to have surgery to get it removed as I will have no one to look after me and I won't be able to work during that time and will fall back on my bills which I don't want to happen so I am waiting for Kamal to come back so I can have this surgery. The home office have the power to grant the visa but the weeks slowly keep passing with no result and I feel my life us just fading in front of my eyes!

I have had to spend so much money on his case and before he left, I paid for biometric finger print application and NHS healthcare for 1 year and when we applied for him in January, we had to pay for healthcare again. 

We should be allowed to see the process of our application online and be able to ask the home office any questions we have. To pay all that money and be left in the dark where we are just waiting with no clear timescale is very disheartening and unfair. 
Please please help us