Police support for Indians living outside India

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When I had to shift outside India for work, I used services of a transport agent to transfer my luggage from Bangalore to Sydney. The contract was for 8-10 days through Air shifting. However, even after 10 days, the shipping company kept saying that my luggage is stuck with customs without giving any documentary proof. Many mails and many phone calls, they simply sent a mail saying they will terminate my order as I had talked to them unethically. At no point in time, I have used any word apart from "liar" while talking to them. 

It is now over 39 days and I have not received my luggage back.  No refund of fully paid fees either. It should be an open and shut case. It should not take more than a day to identify the culprit and punish him. I had filed a police case online with Mumbai Police who transferred it to Navi Mumbai branch. Since then nothing has happened. I cannot call the police station. Nobody picks call on Navi Mumbai police helpline. Whatsapp number given on their website is not soliciting any response. Emails also do not solicit any response. 

Internet is full of stories where NRIs have been cheated in India. And they cannot even file a FIR as they need to be at the police station. Family and Friends don't want to get into hassle of following up with police which is understandable. 

I feel cheated and dumped. I urge Home Ministry and External Affairs ministry to make the process of filing a FIR smooth. In this age of internet, video conferencing for FIR filing should be allowed. Even better Passport based FIR filing through online portal should make us feel part of the country even when we are living outside.