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Pedophiles who are deported back to India should be put on Sex Offenders List right away

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On February 3,  Rupesh Ganga, an Indian student in Dublin, Ireland was caught redhanded trying to groom 11 & 12-year-old girls. He was handed over the local police and we haven't heard from them since. On enquiring further, we have been told, in such cases, the person will be deported to their country of origin. A Marshal or Police will travel with them, hand them to the local immigration and leave. After that, it is upto the country's policy to handle them the way they want. Unfortunately, in India, a person who has committed a crime in a foreign soil cannot be tried in Indian courts. The result is that this child sex offender will be set free.

As a mother, I think all lives are equal. It is not just one child, many many children will be affected if such sex offenders are set free.Why should we get such criminals in India and let them loose? One way of tackling is punishing them, else if the law doesn't allow this, then at least maintain a Child Sex Offenders Register and add every single one of them in and let police and community keep a watch on such people so others are not affected.

A little bit of research and what I hear is that many sex offenders get back into the country and live a normal life, many times working with children. There have been many cases before and if we don't do anything now, there will be many in the future too. 

1) We need to get a Child Sex Offender's register up and running.

2) We need to monitor them either through the police force or community wardens or a combination of both.

3) Anyone working with children or vulnerable people have to get police clearance and that should include any of their offenses in other countries to be noted and mentioned.

4) Many of these victims then become abusers themselves. It becomes a vicious cycle. The cycle needs to be stopped now.

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