Indian Citizenship for babies of NRI wife escaping Domestic violence

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Every 8 hours one women calls Indian Embassy looking for help facing Domestic Violence by the NRI partner.They were lacking any monetary support for fighting there case in foreign country.Due to lack of resources women had to leave the country with minor Child to home country.Due to the birth of minor in a foreign country husband   just to take revenge and ill will obtain Ex party child custody orders from foreign country allege  parental kidnapping ( abduction).They easily obtain sole and legal custody of child as in foreign countries the left behind parent get sympathy and considered as a VICTIM ,which cause in arrest of the wife and expatriation of minor child back to the violent partner.This whole game is just to mentally harass the wife more and bargain upon the case filed by her and child support.

Many Indian women who are facing violence and harassment had to stay back in the marriage just because they fear of loosing there child.


Read famous cases of -

Ruchi Majoo v/s Sanjeev Majoo

Surya Vadanan versus State of Tamil Nadu

Nithya Anand Raghavan versus State (NCT of Delhi) and Another

Dhanwanti Joshi versus Madhav Unde


I request the indian Government to provide either dual citizenship or Indian Citizenship to the minor child if the Mother(Indian origin) escaping a bad marriage comes back to the home country.The minor child should remain with mother.