Break the Drug-Movie-Political Mafia Nexus

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It has been observed that Mrs. Jaya Bachchan has addressed  Rajya Sabha and said that the media is insulting the film industry which provides employment to the masses and pays taxes to the government. The question is whether the film industry can show the air force, the armed forces, the majority population in a bad light. Whether the film industry can indulge in drugs and get youngsters to deal in drugs, hold parties in which drug abuse and forced sex are the norm. All this is being exposed by the investigation by the CBI and the NCB. The Maharashtra Government was sweeping this below the carpet for whatever reasons best known to itself. All this should be exposed and the film industry should be cleansed of this film mafia. This industry most likely indulges in money laundering and is in bed with India's most wanted terrorists. All this should be exposed and all those who have been in their comfort zone for the past several decades should be exposed and the entire system should be cleansed from its roots.