Padma Award for Mr. T.N.Seshan, Ex-Chief Election Commissioner of India

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India feels great pride in saying that its Election Commission is best in the world But who changed this all. It was Mr. T.N.Seshan, the 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India. Upto 1990, elections in India lacked credibility with booth capturing, flow of money, killings, plunders etc. But after T.N.Seshan became CEC (from 1990 to 1996), the credibility of Indian Elections rose many notches. Mr. Seshan single handedly changed the way elections were held in our country. Whole world recognized services of this man but his own country has not recognized him. It is surprising that  while we feel proud to showcase  our Election Commission with its mega organizational capabilities, great precision and its achievements before the world community, we continue to ignore Mr. T.N.Seshan, who made this all possible. Is this man not even worth a Padma Shree. Government of India should recognize contribution of Mr. T.N.Seshan and consider him appropriately for a Padma Award.

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