Provide swift justice against perpetrators of the caste and gender-based in Kathras

Provide swift justice against perpetrators of the caste and gender-based in Kathras

2 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by YWCA Goa and NCHRO, Goa Unit

Citizens from around the country were unified by YWCA of  Goa and NCHRO-Goa Unit to condemn the horrific rape and murder of a 19 year old woman by upper caste gangsters in Hathras. 

The frequent repetition of caste and gender based violence such as and killings bear the marks of a society sliding into chaos. The government of Uttar Pradesh has lost control over lumpen elements especially those with BJP leanings. CM Adityanath has proven his inability to rein in the 'goonda Raj' which now plagues the entire state. Law and order have broken down and the ascendancy of the Upper castes over Dalits and other backward communities is resulting in forms of oppression that make governance in UP look irrational and ridiculous.

UP police also have a scandalous record acquired by siding with the upper castes and major players in the political corridors? The bureaucracy is impotent and unable to take principled and efficient measures against wrong doers.

Caste and gender violence is a deadly cocktail and must be curbed with strict monitoring and punitive actions. A life term in jail will be a telling deterrent. 

We demand that:

1.       CM Adiyanath is asked to resign admitting failure as a politician and administrator.

2.       Set up an Independent commission consisting of representatives from Women’s Groups, representatives from established Human Rights groups, a retired judge, and a retired police officer of impeccable credibility.

3.       The family of the victim must be supported through protection and be compensated fairly and with dignity. A public apology by the Chief Minister would be the starting point.

4.       Action be taken all those officials who committed errors of judgment and mishandled the case.

5.       Punish police officials who mistreated the family and destroyed evidence with de-promotions and heavy fines

Adopt the recommendations of the Verma Committee 2013 which recommended quick trials and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault against women.

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Signatures: 728Next Goal: 1,000
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