My daughter's passport without father's name

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I applied for reissue of passport for my minor daughter and we did not want the father's name. As he never looked after her nor loved her. In fact I got divorce after 10 years in 2017 after filing a divorce case in 2008. I have heard about Priyanka' Gupta's case for passport without father's name and I too applied for my daughter's passport without father's name. Her school certificate, Aadhaar has my name and she is insistent that she doesn't want her father's name, the man who never cared for us. But to my shock, even after I submitted divorce decree, custody papers, court order that I have not claimed any maintenance for my child and has taken her care alone, the gazette notification stating that my daughter's name should have my surname and went and met the Regional Passport officer several times. Still the police verification form had the father's name and my name also as Mrs. with my ex-husband's surname whereas I have got a new passport in my maiden name.

When I insisted that it is not what we want, the polce officer said he will reject the passport application as he cannot do anything else. I wrote a letter and gave him explaining why we do not want this passport but to no avail.

I request you to kindly help all single parents not only just paper policy but in practice also. I request the External Affairs Minister to please save us from this mental trauma and harrassment for no fault of my daughter or me.