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Communal participation to help residents rebuild their homes in Houston

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After the unforeseen circumstances, Hurricane Harvey poured an unprecedented 19 trillion gallons of water onto the shores of Houston. In some cases,  50 inches of rain in many areas that have never been flooded. Over a million people with 42,000 men, women, and children were forced to evacuate as families were displaced (in many cases currently reside) and crammed into emergency shelters.  

There are an inordinate amount of residents still displaced, without running water, food, shelter or a place to call home. Some residents are still paying mortgages on homes they are unable to live in. Also, transportation has become an issue. Residents are experiencing loss of wages to support their families  because cars that once served as transportation were flooded. 

As a statewide community, it is OUR collective responsibility to help those in need.  Donations are pouring in, but some residents have stated via social media that they have yet to feel the impact of all that has been given. After working all of their lives, many Houston residents have not only experienced a total loss but will never regain what was once a familiar place of comfort and stability. 

Wouldn't it be a great community effort to come together with teams from Home Depot, local contractors/builders and Lowe's to donate their time and resources to help rebuild 8 communities in Houston for "FREE" or a very low percentage that would be amenable to the current conditions? If the donations are not filtered directly to Houston residents, then the donations received by known disaster relief organizations who are currently providing household necessities can join forces with these businesses to help make these communities whole again. Even to provide materials to potentially rebuild ECO friendly environmentally stable homes?  Why not right now?

This petition is calling on the entire community to come together along with the Community of professionals to combine time, resources, and their expertise toward this effort.  We can ALL make a sound contribution to help!

The proposal would restore hope, happiness, and a sense normalcy to families throughout Houston. Let's come together to restore human dignity by providing a fresh start for 8 Houston Communities!

Please help to support this cause by generating sincere action.  Through our commitment we can rebuild 8 in Houston!  We are HOUSTON Strong! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your support! 





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