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Cases of fatal attacks on inmates have been on the rise in Maharashtra's prisons. According to prison statistics released in 2018 by The National Crime Records Bureau, the total deaths of 1639 inmates were natural death, while 149 were categorized as "unnatural deaths". Another 57 deaths were for " Unknown reasons "as some states have not furnished the required information. Poor medical care for prisoners is the main reason for rising numbers of custodial deaths inside prison. Moreover, in Maharashtra prisons, atrocities towards inmates are on high by the jail police. 

There's something sinister under way in Maharashtra's Sawantwadi District prison. On the morning of 20 December 2019, an under trial prisioner Rajesh Gavkar was found dead inside barrack number one of Sawantwadi District prison in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The jail authorities tried to hide and close the matter by getting it filed under accidental death with Sawantwadi police station. The fact is that the deceased was beaten up by the Jail Superintendent and his junior. The deceased was suffering from pain and was not provided medical aid and finally scumbled to death. The whole matter came to light after two jail inmates protested against the jail authorities and went on hunger strike inside the prison. 

Taking cognizance of the matter, Additional Sessions Judge of Sindhudurg district ordered inquiry after which FIR under IPC 302 was registered against the Jail Superintendent and his junior official. Both of them are on run as their anticipatory bail application has been recently rejected by the Sindhudurg district court. 

There are many more atrocities against prisoners by the said Jailor against which complaints are made with concerned authorities. The reason to start this petition is only because one of the two inmates who went on hunger strike was myself. I have seen atrocities towards prisoners by jail police by my self and thus wanted to start this petition requesting the HOME DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA to install CCTV in and around prison premises, inside barracks covering each activity inside prison. Many such custodial deaths went as accidental deaths as no prisoners dare to talk against jail police as threats are issued for reporting atrocities by jail police. Similarly, jail register should be maintained in which proper entries should be made why a prisoner is taken out of barrack and when he is locked up back into barrack. This will bring relief to many inmates who are used as slaves to do personal works of jail police officials like washing their clothes, cooking, shaving and body massage etc. .Similarly proper medical records should be maintained along with medicine distribution details to ensure that prisoners get timely medical care and medicines as well which is not done at Sawantwadi jail. Strict actions should be taken against such guilty officials so that no more custodial deaths occur in future.