We Request Home Bargains Stores to Stop Buying Into Apartheid

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Since the advent of Israel in 1947 many acres of land have been stolen from Palestinians. Their children have been slaughtered, imprisoned, abused, and tortured. Their homes and schools have been demolished and olive groves burned. Since March this year alone some 193 have been killed and 20,000 upwards have been injured some with horrendous life changing injuries (many having limbs amputated). With this ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people the BDS ( Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions ) movement was founded on 9 July 2005 with the sole purpose of putting pressure on the Israeli government to afford Palestinians the right to return to their homes and to live in peace. Israel has not complied with these calls in fact they have blatantly ignored them and sought to increase their illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. With this in mind The BDS Belfast Group are requesting that people sign this petition requesting that Home Bargains Remove all Dead Sea products and Israeli goods from their stores. The reason for this is that these products are produced on land stolen from Palestinians and as a consequence help support and fund Israel’s violations of international law. Whilst, the BDS movement, calls for the boycott of all Israeli products we are focusing mainly on those products produced in illegal settlements first.  If this campaign is successful, it is our intention to target other stores complicit in the same.  These too will be requested to remove all Israeli products from their shelves. Please sign and share this petition widely.