Holt school girls should be allowed their hair down

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My school, The Holt in Wokingham doesn't allow any students to have their hair down and we want to make a change and allow us to express ourselves. I have spoken too my peers and they agree it is unfair as our teachers have no explanation and it makes us feel less confident. 

A study has shown the following: 

Pulling the ponytail tight causes headaches also such a tight ponytail increases the risk of tension alepecia.
I know this is only ponytails but considering almost everyone in my classes wear high ponytails this can cause great risk to our health and concetration.

As The Holt educates girls to be strong women and encourages us to debate our opinions, I hope that you will support our freedom of speech  and allow us girls to feel more confident at school. We understand the need to have hair up for certain classes, but other subjects I feel that we should be allowed a hair down policy.