Stop Signing Petitions Forcing TV Shows and Movies to Meet Your Demands

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Petitions were previously started in order to spread awareness of important issues like canine AIDS and why Girl Scout cookies should be sold year-round. Recently, access to the internet and the thought that disliking a story was worthy of coming together in the face of opposition, inspiring entitled fans to take it upon themselves to make lofty demands about why the creators of movies and TV shows should do exactly what they want, when they want it or risk...I don't know, getting some negative tweets or something?

It's time to take a stand against those taking a stand against witnessing narratives unfold in ways we didn't expect and pledge to never sign a petition demanding those fat cats in Hollywood adhere to our stupid, stupid ideas. 

The internet is dark and full of dimwits, so we, the undersigned, pledge to never pledge that our ideas are better than the people responsible for giving us the things that we love to complain about because we are whiny babies who suck our thumbs.