Remove Trump's Walk of Fame star

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I know the Walk of Fame seems never to remove a star from its famous sidewalk, but when it comes to Xenophobia, Racism, Fascism, or Hate rhetoric; being silent is complicit. Trump's star on the Walk of Fame is a symbol of controversy. It worsens the division of people on both sides with different opinions. Not only does it cause hatred on both sides, Trump himself is a symbol of hate among others. It's not just his presidency who reflects who he is, this man had a long history of bigotry and obnoxious behavior. 

Here is a video to prove that Trump is way beyond reprehensible. Another video you can look at is right here.

Trump--Is the President a Sex Pest? BBC - YouTube

Dear Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,

We all know you are not in favor of racism or bigotry. We ask that you look at these to prove why we are right and why this man is less deserving now for his star. We live in a world right now that is condemning racism and is speaking against powerful figures that intimidate and sexually harass women. I hope you can send a clear message to both the Hollywood industry and our country that when someone goes low we go high. I hope you read this and understand that we both have the same values.