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Hollywood has always been the epicenter of the media industry, where people have the tremendous responsibility and gift to use content for influence.  From fantasy films and sci-fi, to Academy Award-winning dramas, it seems that no story if left untold at this point in the force that is the Film and Media industry.  

However, the world is at a monumental point in it's history. The carrying capacity of our world is reaching beyond its threshold, poverty disparities is still at a high, world hunger is unjustly distributed to mostly impoverished countries, and the global temperature has increased dramatically over the last 20 years.  There have been many efforts to curb and prevent this occurrence from continuing, including many campaigns on social media.  Nevertheless, with the power of traditional media, film and television can be responsible global citizens in delivering content that revolves around sustainability issues as a central theme. This results in people from different generations, backgrounds, upbringings, and walks of life to come together and be more engaged with how to make positive choices that benefit themselves and the planet today.  The Global Reporting Initiative had launched its first media review on sustainability practices in 2012. However the majority of these reports  were just focused on direct environmental impact. As we know, social and economic aspects are just as crucial.   According to  Marjolein Baghuis, the GRI's director of communications and network relations, as "key creators and distributors of content, media companies also have an influence on what and how people think (the so-called brainprint), which is a large responsibility to bear." There have been much progress the major corporations have done in regards to promoting the sustainability agenda, such as Disney's "Be Inspired" pro-social initiative and NBC' s Green is Universal initiative.  

I have done extensive research in this area and have found that the majority of pro-social, sustainability-related messaging done through such major media players have been mostly through various PSAs, documentaries, subliminal messages in scenes on certain TV shows, and the corporation's social media channels. Various Hollywood companies have attempted to make sustainability a central theme in TV and film, but lack the resources and reach such mainstream companies have with the public.  I am asking for you to please sign this petition, which will be submitted to central Hollywood production teams, in hopes of seeing some of the most pressing issues on the health of our planet be told in widely distributed films and tv series. Thank you


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