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Hollywood, Please Wear an Awareness Ribbon on the Red Carpet Feb 24, 2013

The deep-pocketed NRA, which increasingly relies on the support of the $12-billion-a-year gun industry (made up of manufacturers and sellers of firearms, ammunition and related wares, rather than its' safety concious and law abiding members) uses all of its means to bully and intimidate others who don't agree with its' absolute resistance to ANY reasonable and responsible gun safety regulations.  

This effort to silence and intimidate includes over 200 actors, writers and directors that have been personally named in the Sept 2012 list published  online by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, 

You can help us stop the intimidation. Please stand with Gabby Giffords, stand with parents who want to feel safe to let their kids go to the movies, to let their 6 year old children go to school. Let their voices be heard, through you.

Please wear a green awareness ribbon in their honor on the red carpet on Feb 23, 2013. 

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Thank you.

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  • Screen Actors Guild of America, Directors Guild of America
    Actors, Directors & Celebrities Who Find Themselves on NRA's "Enemies List"

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