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Remove all dead sea products

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Some of the Dead Sea companies are the financial mainstays of Jewish-only colonies illegally built by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. The companies extract Palestinians’ resources without obtaining the permission of the Palestinian authorities, and without paying any royalties or taxes to the Palestinian government. Instead of contributing to the Palestinian economy, Dead Sea companies are integrated into Israel’s economy. By enabling Israel’s illegal colonization of Palestinian territory, and by benefiting from it, companies involved in Dead Sea extraction are violating Article 3(Section C) of the UN Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises (2003). The norms state that “business enterprises shall not engage in nor benefit from war crimes, crimes against humanity … there violations of humanitarian law and other international crimes against the human person as defined by international law, in particular human rights and humanitarian law.”6 Furthermore, the extraction of resources from occupied territory is a violation of United Nations General Assembly Resolutions 3005 and 3336 and the Fourth Geneva Convention (Art. 33, p.2), all of which forbid an occupying power from exploiting the natural resources of an occupied nation or territory.

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