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Catcalling is not a Compliment, it is Harassment!

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   Catcalling is when a person is walking in the street then someone make a whistle, shout or comment for a sexual. The most affected human being here is woman. Many women especially the youth are experiencing this kind of violence.

  Catcalling is not a compliment. Yes, it is harassment. What exactly is a compliment? According to Oxford, a compliment is both “a polite expression of praise or admiration” and “an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect.

  If I advice you women to just ignore the catcallers, it's not easy. About half of the women surveyed were first harassed ages starts at 9 and up. We’re socialized to stay quiet and polite, even in situations where we’re incredibly uncomfortable.

  It’s hard to unlearn this even as an adult. On the off chance you get up the nerve to tell someone who’s harassing you to stop, you’ll still most likely have to face the negative (and sometimes dangerous) consequences. Best case scenario: He calls you a bitch and leaves. But there’s always a chance that the harasser’s reaction will be more violent.

 If you want to compliment a person, compliment him/her with respect not in a way of catcalling. How exactly should you do it?

  • Ask permission. No, I don’t mean go up and say, “Excuse me, miss. Can I give you a compliment?” Just politely get her attention–maybe by smiling or saying “hi” while still leaving a safe distance between you–and make sure she’s interested in talking to you first. Harassment often feels violating; make sure you’re respecting her space.
  • Know when to stop. If she barely responds to you or leaves her headphones on, assume she’s not interested and leave her alone..
  • Be polite and genuine. Talking about how my ass looks in the skirt I’m wearing is considered harassment and not at all flattering by many women. And I will know whether or not you’re giving me a genuine compliment or just trying to get in my pants.
  • Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t expect us to keep talking to you–we have places to be. Don’t expect us to sleep with you–we probably won’t. We are people, we deserve basic respect, and we don’t owe you anything for giving that respect to us.
  • Listen to our experiences and accept them as our truth. If we say we aren’t flattered, believe that we aren’t.


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