Holidays starting a week earlier

Holidays starting a week earlier

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Started by Saad Hassan



Subject: Approval for extension of ‘Eid’ holidays

Respected sir,

Currently the Eid holidays are scheduled from April 30-May 6. However due to many different reasons, some mentioned below the duration is quite insufficient for all of us.

• Students should get to spend the more of the last few days of this blessed month with their families. 
• A 1-week period makes travelling from far off areas very inconvenient, impractical and costly.
• Studies continue throughout the year thus the focus of students should be more oriented towards worship in the last days of the holy month.
• Routines in Ramadan are different than that followed throughout the year due to which students are unable to take their classes.
• Both students and teachers are unable to maintain their efficiency due to fatigue caused by fasting.
• Many of us would like to observe ‘Itaqaf’ this year. The mosque here is currently not equipped enough for that.
• There was no Mid semester break this semester and students feel homesick.
In view of the above stated facts, we urge you to extend to holidays to a 2-week duration, April 23-May 6.

Thank you.



56 have signed. Let’s get to 100!