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Wage theft is devastating for workers and their families. It happens any time an employer pays a worker less than the law requires. It can mean a worker being paid less than the minimum wage, having their customer tips stolen, or not getting overtime pay. It's a big problem in Memphis and nationwide, with as many as 2 out of 3 low-wage workers experiencing wage theft.

The Shelby County Commission is poised to pass a wage theft ordinance that will give workers a straightforward way to recover their stolen wages. But the Holiday Inn, and the Metropolitan Memphis Hospitality and Lodging Association that it is a member of, is trying to kill this bill that assists vulnerable workers.

It's time for the Holiday Inn to listen to their customers. They should support an end to wage theft, not protect wage thieves.

Letter to
General Manager Wayne Tabor, Holiday Inn Select
Communications Director Christine Lambert, InterContinental Hotels Group
President Eva Ferguson, InterContinental Hotels Group
I urge the Holiday Inn to stop supporting wage theft. I have been alarmed to see the Holiday Inn Select in downtown Memphis, as well as the Metro Memphis Hospitality and Lodging Association, try to defeat the Shelby County wage theft ordinance.

I expect businesses like the Holiday Inn to be a leader in ethical business practices, not a protector of businesses that break the law and cheat their workers.

The proposed Shelby County wage theft ordinance gives a simple, straightforward path for workers to recover the wages they are owed. Businesses who do not commit wage theft have nothing to be worried about with this law. Shelby County government will only be offering mediation in cases where the employee can present clear evidence that their wages have been stolen.

I urge you to immediately end your opposition to the Shelby County wage theft ordinance. I do not plan to patronize businesses like yours if you will be defending unethical practices like wage theft.

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